Free parking on site included in your stay

IMPORTANT: We are a corner property. The front of the house faces Columbia Street, where we have both a side walk and driveway entrance. You can either exit the same way, depending on how you parked, or exit onto Orange Grove Ave, carefully. Entering our property from Orange Grove Ave is not advised due to the flow of traffic, combined with the fact that the city put in a meridian. You therefore have to make a very sharp right hand turn into a narrow driveway.

Although we have one available parking space for each room, at times, when we are fully booked, parking space may be at a premium on our lot. Some drivers are more adept at parking than others. This can result in loss of use of the space.

When having friends and/or family meet you at the Bissell House for the first time, as well as hired car services, be sure to inform them that we are 201 Orange Grove AVE in SOUTH Pasadena and not 201 Orange Grove BLVD in Pasadena. The difference being approximately two miles. Also, VERY IMPORTANT, please only use the FRONT DRIVEWAY on COLUMBIA STREET. 

When ordering a taxi, Uber, Lyft or private driver to drop you off or pick you up at the Bissell House, be sure to give them YOUR cell phone number to call you when they arrive or you may miss them altogether.