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Indulge In Our Organic Loose Leaf Tea Bar

Since 2005, we have offered our self-service unlimited round the clock tea table for overnight guests to enjoy. Sip a hot tea, cocoa or chai latte fireside in the winter months, or ice tea on the front porch veranda in the summer months. We offer a variety of both herbal and black teas. Guests can help themselves any time day or night. Each afternoon, we provide something to satisfy a sweet tooth, either cookies, brownies, cake, or candy. Guests may invite family and friends for $6 each additional with advance notice.A note about our coffee: we serve fresh brewed organic coffee every morning. We make instant coffee available in the afternoons.  We realize that for some, morning coffee is a vital kickstarter to their day. However, we cannot compete with (nor would we attempt to) specialty coffee houses that offer a variety of custom ordered coffees. There are a number of them within a .5-1.5 mile radius from us.