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Comments from our past Guests

The Bissell House works to provide you with the most pleasant stay possible. Albert Einstein was a guest for dinner in the dining room where we serve breakfast today at the time it was the home of Anna Bissell McKay.

The California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns (CABBI) says that The Bissell House receives the most compliments sent to them than any other B & B in Southern California.">Check out our Reviews on Trip Advisor here 
>Check out our Reviews on here

Here is what some of our past guests have to say:

This was the best experience we've had out of 100 Bed and Breakfasts. (The Bissell House) can't be topped.

Gary Smith
Houston, Texas

A beautiful home filled with care and attention. It was a pleasure to stay where we were made to feel welcome and pampered. Our room was large, beautifully decorated, with a large closet and lovely old fashioned bath. We couldn't have been happier.

Beverly DuChamps
Evanston, Illinois

We had a wonderful time at the Bissell House. This lovingly restored Victorian home is surrounded by a romantic blooming garden and towering trees; the forty foot hedge makes you feel as if you are in a private world. The Bissell House has moved to the top of our list for Best Grownup getaway!

Christine McMahon
Burlington, Vermont

You made a whirlwind trip to South Pasadena a truly happy and memorable experience. We have wonderful memories of a beautiful bedroom and waking to the aroma of delicious tasting coffee. Your hospitality as host and hostess was superb.

Pamela Behrens
Easton, Maryland